Facts and Statistics

Check out these links for facts and statistics on distracted driving.


Music for Download

Click the song names below to download an MP3 for use in your video (in some browsers, you will need to right click and save to your desktop). These songs are provided for use in the Project Yellow Light contest only. Any other use of this music is prohibited, unless it's an original piece of music you have express permission to use.

We've also partnered with Jingle Punks this year to provide an amazing selection of music.

Click here to request special access to the Jingle Punks music library.

This music provided courtesy of Jingle Punks.

All music provided here is strictly for the express purpose of the Project Yellow Light/Hunter Garner Scholarship video contest. Any other use of this music is prohibited.

Videos for Inspiration

Check out Project Yellow Light's YouTube Channel for previous student videos as well as some professionally edited spots for inspiration- Project Yellow Light's YouTube Channel

Billboard Design

Inspiration and Best Practices

Look here for some samples of outdoor advertisements for inspiration and feel free to research on your own. Also, please review the Clear Channel Outdoor best practices guide for tips on making effective outdoor advertising.